Progress is impossible without change

In today's era, individuals are increasingly immersed in their phones, linked to social networks, and drifting away from in-person conversations. Podcasts stand out as the purest form of discussion between individuals.
Nonetheless, the podcast sector faces numerous challenges. Twitter Spaces, a type of live podcast on Twitter,are lost once the live session has ended, leading to lost monetization opportunities and difficulty in accessing content.
Challenges include the absence of tools to nurture community engagement and the difficulty fans face in gaining recognition for their involvement. Additionally, the lack of curation means people don't have the time to listen to everything; it's difficult to navigate in so much noise.
What if we could change that ?
Web3 offers the ability for us to control our digital identity.
We are not the product, we build it. We are the owner, creator and stakeholder of our own social network. But Web3 is much more than this.
Floating avatars and comments.
Web3 is community
Floating avatars and comments.
At SiBorg, we're developing a mobile app that revolutionizes Twitter Spaces for seamless post-live access through a user-friendly interface. Our goal is to lead the way with a creator-owned platform, utilizing Web3 to enhance user engagement, monetization, and curation.
Our Beliefs
We believe in community over technology
We believe that users should not be considered as a product
We believe that every contribution deserves a recognition
We believe in signal over noise
We believe it's time to evolve